Welcome to the firm website for PARAGON LAW.  The firm was founded in 2013.  Its members have a wealth of experience in dealing with complex business law, real estate, and tax issues. We can only assume you are visiting our site because you have some interest in learning more about the firm, and we thank you for your interest. We hope that your review of this site provides you with an informed understanding of who we are and a better appreciation of what we can do to help you meet your objectives and needs.

Much of the information on this site describes our services and our experience. Equally as important to our delivery of our services and the substance of what we provide to our clients are the intangible qualities that are nearly impossible to explain on a website. We are passionate in our commitment to our clients and we are persistent in our commitment to our Mission (see the Our Mission page). Our firm is based on a commitment to ensuring the highest quality of customer service to our clients, and it is this commitment to client service that serves as the backbone of the firm.

Thank you for your interest in our firm.  As always, we feel privileged to speak with you further regarding your legal, tax and business needs.

Please note we recently rebranded to LINCOLN and have a great new website – please visit us there: https://lincolnpllc.com