We help individuals and organizations (corporations, S-corporation, LLCs, partnerships, not-for-profits, REMICs, and REITs) address their complex and routine tax issues.  We bring a wealth of tax experience to every assignment, and partner with your organization to proactively address tax matters that arise from every business decision.  Our business tax lawyer advise on all aspects of federal, state, and international taxation.  Our approach allows us to provide a broad array of capabilities to match your business requirements.  A sample of the issues we commonly address include:

Federal Tax

  • Consolidated returns

  • R&D Tax Credit

  • Tax credits (Low Income Housing, New Markets, Historic, etc…)

  • Accelerate deduction for expenses

  • Tax attribute identification and monetization

  • Structural planning to minimize tax

  • Accounting periods and methods

International Tax

  • Structuring foreign investments (outbound)

  • Structuring US investments (inbound)

  • Expat/Inpat tax issues

  • Treaty issues (withholding tax, permanent establishment, etc…)

  • Foreign tax credits

  • Tax deferral planning related to Subpart F and PFIC


State and Local Tax

  • Income and franchise tax

  • Sales and use tax

  • Property tax

  • Unclaimed property