We are known for our tax planning. We have a unique and structured process that we use to help businesses and individuals with tax planning.  We believe it is one of the best in the industry.

Tax planning is very fact specific.  This means that not every tax planning idea is appropriate for every business.  Because of this we begin every tax planning review by thoroughly reviewing the business model, financial information, and tax background.  Only after we understand this information can we develop a well-tailored list of tax planning opportunities.

During our tax planning review, we evaluate federal, state, and international tax planning ideas. After a few tax planning ideas are selected, we evaluate whether any treasury, legal, or accounting issues need to be addressed prior to implementation.   After that we work closely with the business to implement the selected planning ideas.

A few of the tax planning ideas that we may consider are the following:

  • Section 199

  • R&D credit

  • State income tax planning

  • Tax accounting methods

  • Repairs and maintenance analysis

  • Cost segregations studies

  • Section 179D accelerated deductions

  • Worthless stock deductions

  • Monetization of tax attributes

  • Captive Insurance Companies

  • Work Opportunities Tax Credits

  • IC-Disc

  • Foreign tax credit planning

  • Real property tax appeals

  • Property tax planning

  • Employment tax planning

  • Franchise tax minimization